Collingwood Waterfront Master PlanWith a vision towards the future, and a need to create an accessible waterfront environment that can be enjoyed by all, the Town of Collingwood conducted an online study and has produced the Collingwood Waterfront Master Plan Final Report.

Collingwood’s Waterfront Master Plan (Master Plan) was developed to take into account the many wants and needs cited by the survey to ensure public accessibility to the Georgian Bay waterfront. The preservation of our waterfront environment is critical, and the plan looks to the future – the next 20 years.

Collingwood Waterfront Master Plan

Approximately 750 participants were surveyed. They were asked to rank the following key priorities, which guided the development of the Master Plan:

  • cycling and walking connections
  • public facilities supporting outdoor recreation
  • environmental and ecological health
  • activities and play areas for kids
  • arts and culture
  • high quality, mixed-use development
  • non-motorized and motorized boating opportunities
  • winter activities
  • celebrating Collingwood’s history

Photo credit: Collingwood Waterfront Master Plan