We will always go above and beyond as your real estate professional

Whether you are looking for advice to decorate your home for optimal enjoyment or to prepare it for sale, it helps to speak with a professional. It is never a bad idea to work with an interior decorator if your goal is to create the most cohesive design statement. However, there are a few decorating tips that can get you started when hiring someone isn’t in your budget.

  • Plan One Room at a Time- It can be overwhelming to think about decorating your entire home at once, and that could keep you from even getting started. In addition, if your budget doesn’t stretch far enough to do every room, doing a little here and there won’t have the same impact as fully decorating one or two rooms. If you are looking to sell your home, ask your real estate agent which rooms to start with for maximum impact.
  • Start with Clearing and Decluttering – A painter never starts with a canvas that already has paint on it. They start with a clean slate. While you might not want to get rid of everything in a room, be sure to clear it as much as possible, keeping only those things you are certain you will be incorporating in your newly decorated room. Rearranging the furniture you are keeping, to allow for smooth traffic flow, is also a good idea.
  • Make it Welcoming – You want to focus on creating a space that is welcoming, especially with what can be seen from the front door. Potential buyers often base their purchasing decision on first impressions, so wow them for optimal results.
  • Clean and Repair – It isn’t just what you add that makes your home more appealing. Take care of replacing worn fixtures, clean and repair tile grout, clean the windows and window treatments, etc.

Here at Royal LePage Trinity Realty, Brokerage, we are always happy to provide you with tips that will make it easier to sell your home at top dollar and quickly. We will always go above and beyond as your real estate professional so that your needs are met completely and the entire experience of buying or selling real estate is pleasant and enjoyable. Contact us today to get started!