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Scenic Driving Routes, Hiking Trails, and Biking Trails to enjoy the gorgeous outdoors in our lovely Georgian Triangle area.


THE PURPLE HILLS TOUR ~ Collingwood – Dunedin – Creemore

97 km • Allow 1.5 hours, plus stops

Take County Rd 124 (Hurontario Street) south from Collingwood through Singhampton to County Rd 9. Turn left on 9 and follow signs to Dunedin. At the stop sign at the bottom of the hill turn left and continue on this road to the village of Creemore on your right. Stop and tour through this beautiful historic village. Take a Creemore Springs Brewery Tour and explore the shops, studios and cafés on the tree-lined main street. Hike down to the Mad River or explore North America’s smallest jail. For an enjoyable side trip to an incredible Magnetic Hill, follow the main street back out and turn right on County Rd 9. Turn right onto Airport Rd and continue past the village of Avening to the Nottawasaga / Mulmur townline. Turn right onto this gravel road and go 1.6 km, stop your car, put it in neutral and feel it pulled magnetically backward uphill. Too cool! Return to Airport Rd, turn left and just past the 3-4 Sideroad is Carruthers Memorial Conservation Area on your left. With a covered picnic area, playground, washrooms and the Ganaraska Trail winding beside the Mad River, it’s a great rest stop. To return to Collingwood, follow Airport Rd back to County Rd 9; across from Creemore’s main street (Mill) turn right on Fairgrounds Road. This scenic road climbs then descends back towards Collingwood. Turn left at Hwy 91 and follow it until you reach Duntroon. Turn right at Duntroon and follow County Rd 124 back to Collingwood and a gorgeous view of Georgian Bay. The rural scenery on this trip is spectacular, with rolling hills, winding rivers and breathtaking views of the Mad River Valley.

SCOTTISH HIGH COUNTRY TOUR ~ Collingwood – Rob Roy – Feversham

64 km • Allow 1.5 hours, plus stops

Starting north of the Grain Elevators, the Collingwood Millennium Overlook Park is located at the most northerly point of the historic Collingwood Harbour. The site provides an outstanding panorama of Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment to the west. Head south via Hurontario Street (County Rd 124). South of Nottawa turn right at Local Airport Rd and follow it (33/34 S.R.) as it winds its way through the Pretty River Provincial Park up to the top of the Escarpment (there are several access points to the Bruce Trail off this road). Turn left at the T intersection to stay at the Pretty River Valley Country Inn. Turn right at the T-intersection and continue to the small community named after the Scottish hero Rob Roy. Stop here at the Osprey Museum (open for special events and by appt) and view one of the few remaining original School Houses built in 1889. Visit the Osprey Bluffs Honey Co., nearby on Grey Rd. 63. Turn right on Grey Rd 31 to Grey Rd 2 and then turn left and follow Grey Rd 2 to Feversham. Be sure to check out the Feversham Gorge at the Madeline Graydon Conservation Area. 1.5 km hiking trail with a stairway and lookout stations, picnic area and privies. Continue past Feversham and turn left at Hwy 4, then left again at County Rd 124 back to Collingwood.

BLUE MOUNTAIN TOUR ~ Blue Mountain Village – Banks – Ravenna

41 km • Allow 1 hour, plus stop

Start at the Blue Mountain Village. Take time here to stroll through this pedestrian village’s variety of shops and cafés or take a gondola ride (seasonal) up the mountain. Once back in your car, exit The Village and turn right on Grey Rd 19. Follow the roundabout to Scenic Caves Road where it climbs the ski hill at the south end of Blue Mountain. At the top of this road is the Scenic Caves Nature Adventure Park. For some real excitement, stop here, tour the crevices and take a walk on southern Ontario’s longest suspension footbridge. It offers the most spectacular views of Georgian Bay. Follow this road until it reaches Banks, turn right and turn via the Loree Forest (good place to stop and hike) to Grey Rd 2 (left). Watch for the Georgian Hills Vineyards on the right where you might want to stop in for a tasting. Stay on this road past Ravenna (the Ravenna Country Market is worth a look) until Grey Rd 19. Turn left here and follow Grey Rd 19 back to Blue Mountain. Dramatic views of Georgian Bay highlight this route

BEAVER RIVER HEADWATERS ~ Thornbury – Heathcote – Eugenia

80 km • Allow 2 hours, plus stops

Thornbury Harbour is the starting point of this well-known route. Explore the harbour area, wander along the Riverwalk Trail up to the fish ladder and visit the town’s fine shops and cafés. Once back to your car drive up Bruce Street and follow this road (road changes names several times) through Clarksburg, Heathcote, and Kimberley climbing up through the Beaver Valley until reaching Eugenia. Stop for an ice cream cone at the famous Emporium then head down to the Falls Conservation Area across the street to view the 30-metre scenic waterfall and spectacular gorge with cedars clinging to rock layers. There is also a picnic shelter and privies on site. Continue south on Grey Rd 13 to Hwy 4 and turn left until Grey Rd 2. Turn left on 2 and then right on Grey Rd 31 down the Pretty River Valley (follow road left where Grey Rd 31 intersects Pretty River Rd) to the 10th line. Turn left here and follow the 10th line all the way to Mountain Rd and turn right to go back into Collingwood. This drive features lovely fall colours and breathtaking views.

BIG SKY TOUR ~ Meaford – Kimberly – Eugenia

50 km • Allow 1 hour, plus stops

The starting point of this tour is Meaford Harbour at the foot of Trowbridge St off Hwy 26. Drive around to the scenic marina, with its lovely gardens and harbour-side benches, then on to the beautiful old harbour, past the Meaford Museum and down Sykes St North. to a unique waterfront park and magnificent views of Georgian Bay. Explore the historic and architecturally interesting Golden Town of Meaford before heading east on Hwy 26 to Grey Rd 7. Follow 7 south, up the seven steps of the ancient glacial lake Algonquian and into the Beaver Valley. Make a stop at the scenic Epping Lookout which offers dramatic views in all directions, historical plaque dedicated to American naturalist John Muir, picnic shelter, privies and drinking water. Drive on past Talisman Resort until you come to Grey Rd 13. Turn left on 13 to return to Thornbury. Visit Farmer’s Pantry on your way home (right).

THE GREAT FALLS ADVENTURE ~ Walters – Eugenia – Hoggs Falls

150 km • Allow 3.5 hours, plus stops

Start at the traffic lights in Thornbury, drive south on Bruce Street through Thornbury and Clarksburg to County Rd 40. As the road climbs up the Escarpment, stop and look back at the spectacular view of Thornbury, Collingwood and Nottawasaga Bay. Turn right on 40 to the junction at County Rd 29. Turn right for Walters Falls. At the stop sign, go straight ahead on Alma Street to Jack Street. Turn left at the Falls. The waterfall is on private property, The Falls Inn, but visitors are welcome to view the Falls from the viewing platform, which will give you an excellent view. Or have a lovely lunch on their falls-view patio. Continue south on 29 and turn left on Grey Rd 40 (a.k.a. Dave McNichol Pkwy). Follow Grey Rd 40 until Grey Rd 7 and turn right. Stop at Epping Lookout along this road for a spectacular view of the Beaver Valley. Turn right on Grey Rd 13 just past Talisman Mountain Resort. Pass through Kimberley as the road climbs out of the Beaver Valley. At the top of the hill is the Eugenia Falls Conservation Area where you can view the 30-metre Eugenia Falls, one of the highest in Ontario. The Beaver River drops over the Escarpment into the rocky gorge below. Drive along the Lower Valley Road, a beautiful wooded, winding route which follows the Beaver River with rippling rapids visible from the road. You’ll pass in front of the Eugenia Power Station on Lake Eugenia, which comes down in large penstocks to the right of the falls. This power station is still operating and is part of the Ontario Power Generating Network. These Falls first hit the spotlight in the early 1850s, when a local farmer discovered some glittering rocks in a remote canyon and immediately set off a major attack of Gold Fever. Unfortunately, for the 200 plus farmers panning the Beaver River below, the gold turned out to be “Fool’s Gold” or iron pyrites. As you leave the conservation area, go back to County Rd 13. Directly across the road you will see the Eugenia Emporium, a great place to stop for coffee, snacks and gift items. To reach Hogg’s Falls, head South on Grey Rd 13. Turn Right onto Hwy #4, a few minutes later; turn right (north) onto East Back Line Road (East Back Line Road jogs when it hits #4, so you’ll see East Back south before you reach East Back Line north). This is a hard packed dirt road. Take the first turn onto Lower Valley Road. The trail to the falls is on the left hand side of the road and is marked by two yellow posts. You can park on the right hand side of the road. It is a relatively small, secluded and mostly wild waterfall, with most of the land reclaimed by the forest. There are only faint traces of William Hogg’s mill from long ago. The Boyne River’s 7 meter cascade is a sheer and shimmering curtain over the rock face. Return to Hwy 4 and return to Collingwood.


77 km • Allow 2 hours, plus stops

At the end of the Ice Age, small groups of hunters-gatherers began the last chapter of the human settlement. One group, the Early Paleo-Indians left evidence of their existence in our region. This self-guided driving tour takes you through our southern Georgian Bay region, with a different lens. Start in Stayner at Hwy 26 & 91. Travel west on 91, the former bottom of glacial Lake Algonquin. Drive west to the first conc., which is Fairgrounds Road. Turn left (south) towards the Village of Creemore. Follow Fairgrounds Rd. to Simcoe Road 9, just outside of Creemore. Turn west and drive to the village of Dunedin. This is one of the most rugged sections of the Niagara Escarpment and the geological source of Fossil Hill Formation chert, a stone preferred by some Early Paleo-Indians for making tools. At Dunedin, turn right (north) onto County Road 62 toward Glen Huron. Continue along County Road 62 to the intersection with with Highway 124. Turn left to Singhampton. Just a short distance north is the highest point on the Niagara Escarpment, Osler Bluff, a rocky butte with an elevation of 544 meters. This area has numerous recessional moraines, deposited by the ice sheets during temporary halts in its retreat when melting kept pace with the ice flow. You will pass over two of these moraines, named after the area communities, Gibraltar and Singhampton. Follow 124 through Singhampton and turn right (West) at Grey County 4 towards Maxwell for 10 kilometers to Grey Road 2. Turn right (north) on Grey County Road 2 towards Feversham, where you will drive onto the Gilbraltar moraine. At the Osprey – Blue Mountains Town Line, drive onto the edge of the road and park for a moment. You have entered the Kolapore Uplands Resource Management Area. This semi-wilderness area is 12,000 hectares and consists of forests, swamps, pine plantations and farm fields. Drive 9 kms through the heart of Kolapore Uplands on a gravel road through this very rugged country. Turn left (west) off Grey County Road 2 onto the Osprey – Blue Mountains townline. Almost immediately, you hit a fork in the road. Stay on the townline and continue west. Follow this road until you reach the 10th line where you will turn right and drive north. Stay on the 10th line for the remainder of this segment of the tour, passing through dark forests, narrow valleys and around vertical cliffs. At the 6th sideroad and a T-junction, turn right, staying on the 10th line, heading north. To your right, is Metcalfe Rock , a popular place for climbing and caving. There are two archaeological sites not far from here (exact location cannot be disclosed). Continue north on the 10th line through Red Wing, to the intersection of County Road 13 and travel through to Clarksburg and Thornbury. A great spot to have some lunch and take in some shopping. Continue on #26 east to Craigleith and discover 450 million year-old fossils at the Craigleith Provincial Park. East on #26 to the Craigleith Heritage Depot, where you can view displays and artefacts from long ago.Your final destination is Scenic Caves Nature Adventures – a landscape carved by glacial ice. Follow #19 past the Village to the roundabout. Take the Scenic Caves exit on the roundabout up the hill to Scenic Caves.

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crosses Ontario from Niagara region through to Tobermory. The Blue Mountains Club maintains the Bruce Trail areas from Lavender to Craigleith, which boasts the highest elevation on the Bruce Trail at 540 m at Osler Bluff Lookout. The Beaver Valley Club looks after the trail from Craigleith to Blantyre through Loree Forest and Kolapore. Guide books for sale at our Visitor Centre. The Bruce Trail is marked with white blazes 5cm wide by 15cm high. They are painted on trees and fence posts. A single blaze indicates the route continue forward, a double blaze (one above the other) marks that a turn is imminent. Blazes in blue signify side-trails that may lead to lookouts, campsites or for circle trails. Diamond shaped Bruce Trail symbols and access signs also mark the routes. For more information about the Bruce Trail Clubs in South Georgian Bay go to www.brucetrail.org.

A 34 km hiking trail following the old rail route of the original Northern Railway. Great for hiking, cross-country skiing and cycling, stretching from Collingwood’s Harbourview Park to the waterfront in Meaford. The trail has more than 30 access points and cuts through some of the region’s best features, the waterfront, apple orchards and beaches.

South Georgian Bay has many kilometres of walking, hiking, cycling and cross-country ski trails on a variety of surfaces.

A 34 km trail following the old rail route of the original Northern Railway. Great for hiking, cross country skiing and cycling, it stretches from Collingwood’s Harbourview Park to the waterfront in Meaford. The trail cuts through some of the region’s best features, the mountain, waterfront, apple orchards and beaches.

Over 50 km of marked trails attract hikers, cross country skiers and birding enthusiasts. Visitors are advised that a map is essential due to the complexity of the trails system. Come to our visitor centre at 30 Mountain Road in Collingwood to purchase a map.

An easy 1.5 km walk accessed at Grey Rd 2 south of Kolapore (just past the Feversham bridge). There is a parking lot with washrooms and a trail map. This gem of a trail follows along the top of the spring fed Feversham Gorge.

The popular Metcalfe Rock is one of Ontario’s oldest climbing areas. Access is easy and a parking lot is just off the road. An extra bonus is the crevices and caves that surround it. We recommend using Free Spirit Tours who offer guided tours for climbing and caving in this area.

A moderate 2.5-3 km loop accessed where Grey County Road 13 meets County Road 7. Drive up 6-7 sideroad to the top of the Escarpment. From the parking lot follow the main track south along the Escarpment rim. There is also a short loop trail off the main trail, accessed by walking north from the parking area to the side trail (blue blazes). Enjoy spectacular views of the Escarpment and the Beaver Valley.

A moderate level 7.1 km hike accessed from Grey Rd 2 to Victoria Corners, head East on 21-22 side road for 5.2 km (parking here). Follow the blue blazes on the north side of the road for 200 meters until it intersects the main Bruce Trail (white blazes) and turn left. Highlights include dramatic views over Georgian Bay and the Beaver Valley, maple and birch forest and ferns. Maps available online and at our Visitor Centre.

Leave Collingwood and go west on Mountain Road to 10th line and turn left. Drive to 33-34 side road and turn right. Drive west to Collingwood Nottawasaga Townline. There is a parking lot 500 meters past the Town-line on your left. This hike is detailed in the Bruce Trail guide and is approximately 6 km.

Level: moderate 4.5 km. Take Mountain Road west to Scenic Caves Road (turns into 15th Sideroad). Turn right at Banks on the 4th line and then left at 18th sideroad. Follow the white blazes on road until the top of a steep descent between 5th and 6th line. Park here. Walk down the hill a little way until the Bruce Trail sign and hike left into the woods. Follow the white blazes through broken limestone. The trail comes out into open fields and then winds its way back into the woods where it follows alongside the Indian Brook and several waterfalls. Follow the white blazed trail until it intersects with the blue blazes of the Margaret Paul Side Trail. Follow the blue blazes out of the woods onto the 6th line road allowance. Follow the road until it intersects with the 18th sideroad up a short steep hill back to your car. Highlights include waterfalls, streams, open fields and hardwood forests.

Starting at the Collingwood Visitor Centre, travel west on Mountain Road. Turn left onto Grey Rd. 19 to drive up the mountain. At 4th line turn left and turn left again at the 6th sideroad at Gilbraltar (from this point a dirt road). During the winter, snowploughing is stopped at the 4 km mark and you must park on the road side and walk/snowshoe until you see a Bruce Trail sign on the right side. There is a makeshift parking area on the right side of the road. Follow the blue blazed Russ McConnell Side Trail for approximately 1 km to the Main Trail. Turn left on to the white blazed trail, which climbs onto a ridge. Follow the trail along the Escarpment edge with look-outs over the South Georgian Bay region until you meet back up with the 6th sideroad. Turn left, following the white blazes back to the parking lot.

Leaving Collingwood travel south on Hurontario Street/County Road 124. At Duntroon turn right on to County Road 91 and travel west to the end. Turn right (north) at the Osprey-Clearview Townline. 1 km past the “No Exit” sign is a parking lot at the north end of the road. Turn right on to the white blazed trail following the trail 1.5 km before you notice the blue blazed sign for the 200 ft long Singhampton Side Trail on the left. Follow the side trail until you come to the main trail. You have two options from here. 1) You can either turn left on to the white blazed trail which follows the top of the Escarpment and view the large crevices of the Standing Rock Caves from above and follow the trail back to the parking lot. 2) You turn right on the white blazed trail and descend through a cut in the cliff and drop steeply to a stream at the base of the Escarpment. There you will see a blue blazed side trail for the 700 m long Standing Rock and Caves Side Trail. Follow the trail through the rock crevices and climb large boulders up the Escarpment where you re-join the Main Trail. Keep to the right and return to the parking lot.

10.7 km, connecting the Thornbury Harbour to Clendenan Dam. The Beaver River Trail has a number of scenic rest areas and vistas with benches. As well, the Trail meanders through Town parks such as Thornbury Riverwalk next to the Blue Mountains Municipal Office, Lion’s Park and Fireman’s Park both in Clarksburg. Many interpretive signs provide historical and environmental education opportunities along the way making this trail both enjoyable and educational!

Meaford – A 14 km trail along the Bighead River. Access from Edwin St. (across from Beautiful Joe Park) or from the 7th Line (take Hwy 26 west to Grey Rd 12, turn left at 7th Line, parking is after 13 S/R). 15 SCeniC CaVeS naTure adVenTureS Scenic Caves has many kilometres of trails high atop Blue Mountain with panoramic views of Georgian Bay. The self-guided walking trails through the caves, caverns and to the suspension bridge takes approx. 2 hours to complete. Please allow extra time for additional activities. 16 SieGerMan Side Trail loop A 3.1 km trail accessed from Grey Road 13 (the Beaver Valley Road) between Kimberley and Heathcote, take Sideroad 22C to the west. The loop trail begins at the corner with the 3rd Line. Park beside the road. Follow the white blazes of the main Bruce Trail to the west on the old cart track that is the continuation of Sideroad 22C. After about 1 km on your right (north side) you will see a sign for the blue-blazed Siergerman Side Trail. This trail affords great views across the Beaver Valley and a nearby ravine. The intersection of the main Bruce Trail and the Siegerman Side Trail is a perfect spot for a picnic and a splash in the river.

Scenic Caves has many kilometres of trails high atop Blue Mountain with panoramic views of Georgian Bay. The self-guided walking trails through the caves, caverns and to the suspension bridge takes approx. 2 hours to complete. Please allow extra time for additional activities.

A 3.1 km trail accessed from Grey Road 13 (the Beaver Valley Road) between Kimberley and Heathcote, take Sideroad 22C to the west. The loop trail begins at the corner with the 3rd Line. Park beside the road. Follow the white blazes of the main Bruce Trail to the west on the old cart track that is the continuation of Sideroad 22C. After about 1 km on your right (north side) you will see a sign for the blue-blazed Siergerman Side Trail. This trail affords great views across the Beaver Valley and a nearby ravine. The intersection of the main Bruce Trail and the Siegerman Side Trail is a perfect spot for a picnic and a splash in the river.

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Mountain Challenge
(Hard hills) 43.7 km one way. A brutal up and down the Escarpment tour. From Kimberley head east on Sideroad 7B, turn left at 3rd Line A to Duncan, left on Blue Mountains/Euphrasia Townline, turn right on 15th Sideroad to Ravenna and then up and over the Escarpment once again via Scenic Caves Road. For the ultimate finish, visit Scandinave Spa.

Beaver Valley Tour
(Moderate to difficult) 66 km. From Meaford head south on County Rd 7 to Kimberley. Follow Route 10 to Thornbury, then back to Meaford along the Georgian Trail. Long and hilly. End your day at the Leeky Canoe in Meaford.

Kimberley to Thornbury
(Easy) 17.25 km one way. It’s all downhill – well, one way at least. Follow Grey Road 13 starting at Kimberley to Thornbury. Be sure to pack a lunch and stop at the drop off points for canoes & kayaks. Free Spirit Tours offers great packages.

Touch of History Tour
(Good workout) 49 km loop. From Meaford, south along the 7th line to Griersville. Head south on the historic Old Mail Rd. to Heathcote and back to Thornbury on Grey Rd. 13. Return to Meaford on the Georgian Trail. Be sure to check out what’s happening at the Meaford Hall.

Wasaga Beach Cruise
(Easy) 50 km return. Collingwood south on Hurontario Sreet (County Rd.124) to local Airport Road, east to Mosley Street, north on any road to the beach. Great riding on hard packed sand. Watch for bodies and cool off at your leisure in Georgian Bay.

Blue Mountain Killer Loop
(A hard ride) 35 km loop that starts at the Blue Mountain Inn and climbs Scenic Caves Road to Banks. Then turn right at the 4th Line to Loree Forest on Grey Road 21-22 and follow this road down into the Beaver Valley to Victoria Corners on Grey #2. Visit Georgian Hills Vineyards at this corner for a Wine Tour. Go north (right) on Grey Rd #2 to Hwy #26 at Thornbury, turn right and pick up the Georgian Trail a quarter-mile down on the right side. Ride the Trail back to the Craigleith Depot (stop for a visit and water) and back up Grey Rd #19 back to the Inn.

Creemore Beer Run
(Good workout) 63 km. Go south from Collingwood on County Rd. 124, left on Local Airport Rd, right on Fairgrounds Rd, ( the 4th Line) to Creemore. Creemore Springs runs free Brewery tours every day. Return via County Rd 9 to Dunedin and then north to Glen Huron, left on Concession #6 north and then left on the Nottawa Sideroad to County Rd.124, turn right for Collingwood.

Collingwood/Pretty River Loop
(Moderate – break a sweat) 41 km loop. South from Collingwood on 10th Line, west on Nottawasaga SR 30-31 to Rob Roy and return via Pretty River Valley. Scenic and rolling hills. Consider a night’s stay at the beautiful Pretty River Valley Country Inn.

Collingwood to Feversham
(Extra lung required) 61 km. A challenging climb up the Escarpment on County Road 19 to County Road 2, south through Kolapore Highlands to Feversham. Return via Grey Rd. 31 to Rob Roy & Pretty River Valley, left on 10th Line to Collingwood. Reward yourself with lunch, dinner or a snack in downtown Collingwood.

Thornbury Garden Tour
(Easy Going) 12 km loop. From the Thornbury Harbour, along the Georgian Trail, west out of town to the 10th Line, south to Clendenan Dam to Clarksburg. Return via Clark Street to the Georgian Trail. Turn north and return to the harbour. Stop for coffee at Ashanti or lunch at the Dam Pub.

Irish Mountain Climb
(Good workout) 38 km loop. West from Meaford Harbour along Nelson and Cty Rd. 12 to Cty. Rd. 112, then north to Irish Mountain look-out. Return via 22nd sideroad (east) then south on Cty. Rd. 22 and sideroad 22 towards the Bay and Lakeshore Rd. into Meaford.


The Georgian Trail
(moderate to easy) 34 km one way. A former rail trail from Collingwood to Thornbury and Meaford. A family trail with good connections to many other trails. This biking and walking trail offers some of the finest scenery in the region. You can stop for refreshments, visit the harbours and beaches or just explore.

Kolapore Forest Loop
(More difficult/very difficult) 50 kms of trails. This ride is known for its great hills and some technical rocky terrain that make this area a wicked place to ride. After parking at the Grey Rd 2 access point, bike left and cross the road and then turn right into the forest to the start of the Trail. There are several trails that run through sensitive wetland areas which are not suitable for any summer use. If you are not familiar with the area you are best to stop at our Visitor Centre to buy a map which shows environmentally sensitive areas where riding is prohibited. Your loop can range from 1.5 – 4 hours. For more information check out www.ontariotrails.on.ca.

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Three Stage
(More difficult / very difficult) 40 km. From Collingwood, travel west on 6th Street towards the ski hills, to get to Three Stage. When you get to Grey Road 21 also known as Osler Bluff Road turn left and follow for 1 km over a hill and turn right on Grey Road 19. Drive approximately 2 km up the hill and turn left on to the 3rd Line. This is a dirt road that winds up the escarpment cutting the Bruce Trail and when you get to an intersection you can turn right and park on either side of the road, well on to the shoulder. The labyrinth of trails encompass just about everything from rocky technical sections, fast, flowing single-track, to burn-inducing climbs and fast downhills.

Loree Forest
(Moderate/difficult) 7 km. Offering spectacular views of Georgian Bay, Loree Forest offers good trails for the intermediate to novice rider. Smooth, fast single-track runs through mature forest along the Escarpment. For a challenging route, head down Camperdown Road trail. Just don’t expect to be able to ride back up again! It’s a big climb.

Mountain Bike The Trails @ Blue
(Intermediate to very difficult) 10 km cross-country, 30 km downhill. Test your mountain biking skills on Blue Mountain. Ride up in the gondola with your bike then soar down the marked trails. Whether you are looking for a scenic ride around the area’s more gentle terrain, or a heart pumping adrenaline rush as you tackle the escarpment’s downhill trails, the Mountain Bike Centre at Blue Mountain will provide the information and equipment you need. Located at Grand Central Lodge, the Mountain Bike Centre offers rentals, repairs, trail passes, lessons and programs for ages 8 years (10 years for Downhill Biking) and up.

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